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A couple of articles that focus on specific episodes of Nixon's involvement with sports have already appeared in print. These essays have appeared in serious academic journals and outlets that cater to the general public, which hopefully reflects the audiences this project hopes to address. The citations for these related publications are included on this page. The topics covered in these articles are explored at greater length in One Powerful Fan: Nixon and Sports.


Nick Sarantakes, Richard Nixon, Sportswriter: The President, His Historical All-Star Baseball Team, and the Election of 1972, Journal of Sport History. volume 24, number 2. (Summer 1997), pp. 192-202.


Nick Sarantakes, "Political Football: Nixon Meets the Longhorns", Texas Alcalde. (September/October 1998), pp. 95-96

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Nick Sarantakes,"Baseball: The Great Political Equalizer,", March 12, 2002


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