One of the best ways to stay productive is to stay busy. Many Sarantakes writing projects overlap. There is a danger in this approach in that if you writing eight things at once, you really are not making much progress on any of them. At the moment, though, Sarantakes has five major projects.



1. Sarantakes is currently looking for a publisher for his manuscript on Nixon and sports. He finished writing this book a number of years ago, but tabled it knowing it was not quite ready. He made significant revisions to it in late 2011 and is currently in the process of showing it to publishers.

2. Sarantakes signed an advanced contract with Oxford University Press to write a book on the battle of Manila. This engagement in 1945 was the first major urban combat in the Pacific Theater of World War II. It pitted two U.S. field armies under the command of Douglas McArthur against the Manila Naval Defense Forces, a hastily assembled formation of Japanese naval infantry and land based sailors, under the command of Rear Admiral Iwabuchi Sanji. After a month of fighting, the Americans liberated a city that was destroyed in the process.  This project is still in the research phase.

3. A third Sarantakes book project is a study of the home front in World War II that focuses on the activities of the Boy Scouts of America.  This project offers a unique perspective to look at American society during this era and is national in scope.  This undertaking is in the writing stage.



1. Sarantakes is currently writing an article/chapter on military-media relations during the battle of Okinawa.

2. Sarantakes is also writing an article/chapter on military-media relations during the occupation of Okinawa. The occupation lasted from 1945 until 1972; those 27 years were the longest period of military government in the history of the United States. This study will most likely appear in an edited anthology.