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The following is a listing of those media outlets that have reviewed this web site, or done some other type of story or feature on related publications

Recommended Site, Associated Press wire, April 15, 2002

Recommended Site, March 12, 2001, Sports Jones web site

"No, this is not a joke. This site is devoted to the contribution Richard Nixon made to American sport.  Tricky Dicky was a great fan of golf, bowling and American football.  See the photos of him throwing out the first pitch of the season and meeting famous players and coaches.  This site may change the way you think about this great sports enthusiast." Sunday Age (Melbourne, Australia), March 10, 2002. page 25.

"An interesting site is presented here all about former president Richard Nixon and his relationship to sports during his presidential tenure. View historical photos, study a chronology of events, and more." The Study Web web site directory

Recomended Site, KKBL 96 FM Radio--KRMO 990 AM Radio, Monett Missouri

Political Site of the Day, July 16, 1999

Listed as a Hotsite, Net Talk Live syndicated television program, Show Number: 150

"The Nixon and Sports Website examines former President 'Richard Nixon's interaction with the world of athletic competition during his time in the White House' Created by Nick Sarantakes, assistant professor of history at Texas A&M University-Commerce, this Website is an online version of his forthcoming study tentatively entitled Nixon, Sports, and Politics in American Society, 1969-1974. The scholarly site includes four major sections: Timeline, chronicling key events related to sports during the Nixon administration, Photos, a collection of images with detailed captions from the National Archives, Quotes, collocating Nixon's remarks about sports from 1969 to 1974, and Bibliography, an annotated compilation of source material for the study." The Scout Report Electronic Newsletter, Volume 2, Number 16.  May 4, 1999

"See President Nixon bowl. See him throw a football. See him swing a golf club. Not exactly what we all remember Tricky Dick for. Plain strange." USA Today, April 27, 1999 and print edition, April 28, 1999

WebbieWorld Web Site Directory, People's Pick Award

"I'm hesitant to admit it, but I have something in common with the late president: He too was a big sports fan. Faithful contributor Nick Sarantakes has built The Nixon and Sports Web Site to examine this facet of the man who was once Athletic Supporter in Chief." San Jose Mercury-News, February 26, 1999

"In honor of Presidents' Day on Feb. 15, consider visiting 'The Nixon and Sports Website.' President Richard Nixon was a fanatic about sports and this Web site explores his interest in athletics during his five and half years in the White House. In addition to throwing out the first baseball of the season, he did things like design plays for the Washington Redskins and award the national championship in college football to the Texas Longhorns in 1969 and the Nebraska Cornhuskers in 1970." The San Diego Union-Tribune, February, 9, 1999

"Speaking of the Christmas spirit, what says the holiday more than a site devoted to Richard Nixon and sports?  Log on; it'll make you feel warm all over."  Austin American-Statesman, December 10, 1998

Sports Site of the Nite, December 5, 1998

"Learn about the U.S. president who made 'impeachment' a household word. (Hint: It's not Clinton.) Photos, timeline and backgrounders on the man we knew as Tricky Dick." USA Today, Weekend Edition, November 27-29, 1998 and print edition, December 2, 1998, page 6D

Excerpts from an article about Nixon's historic baseball team:

"In November, Richard Nixon was re-elected with 60% of the vote.  'In choosing these star teams, the President gave sport fans a means of identifying with him.'  This episode, according to Sarantakes, 'is one of the numerous explanations for his strong victory.'

"The star teams of President Nixon have since been forgotten.  The President doesn't speak of them in his memoirs, the movie Nixon, also doesn't refer to them.  Since the President's death three years ago, no one has made mention of them.  'Everyone talks about him as a genius in foreign affairs,' says Nick Sarantakes, who teaches at Texas A&M University, 'but they seem to have forgotten that he was an excellent politician.'"

Translated from the French original by Frank Barchard, Ph.D.

Andre Pratte, "Un côté méconnu de Richard Nixon," La Presse (Montreal, Quebec), December 22, 1997, page A12